Joe Escobar Diamonds has been providing the highest quality jewelry repair service to the San Jose area for over 40 years.

Our service department is unparalleled with six master jewelers in our Campbell, California location. You can be assured that your piece of fine jewelry will be as pampered on the bench as you will be in the showroom. We can perform something as simple as polishing and cleaning, to something as complex as a complete restoration of a piece of vintage jewelry.

Our shop uses the latest in technology including jeweler’s microscopes for extremely detailed craftsmanship, and a laser welding machine which enables repairs that are not possible using traditional jewelry repair methods.

Here are some additional frequently asked questions:

+Do you need to ship my jewelry out for repair?

No, all our jewelry repair services are done here on site. We have 6 jewelers here in our store full time to service any jewelry repair. We have been repairing jewelry in the San Jose Bay Area for over 40 years.

+ How long does it take to size a ring?

While not impossible to size your ring the same day depending on our workload, typical ring sizing takes 24-72 hours. Please bring your ring the ring into the store for an exact quote for cost and time.

+ Do you restore vintage jewelry?

Yes. We have multiple goldsmiths with decades of experience in working with and restoring vintage jewelry. Please bring your heirloom into our store for a detailed analysis of what restoration your ring needs including benefits and limitations.

+Can you clean my ring and check my setting even if it wasn’t purchased from Joe Escobar Diamonds?

Yes! Rings look and perform their best when they are clean! There is not a charge to check the setting and clean your ring whether purchased from us or not! We will check the security of the gemstones, as well as the wear on prongs and bands, clean the jewelry in our ultrasonic and give it a sparkling finish with high pressure steam. For a more detailed cleaning like polishing or Rhodium plating please bring the jewelry into the store for a quote.

+Does Joe Escobar Diamonds restring pearls?

Yes, we have an expert pearl stringer here full time. Pearls need to be restrung periodically as the silk thread becomes weak and frayed with long term wear. Most pearl strands are double-knotted meaning there is a small knot in between each pearl. This is so that if the pearl strand breaks only one pearl may be lost. As we do the pearl stringing here in house, the typical time to string pearls is approximately 3 business days.

+Is my jewelry safe if I leave it overnight?

Absolutely. All jewelry left for repair is insured and kept in a custom made time locked vault.

If you have any further questions about jewelry repair, please email us at